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With so many models to choose from, how do you pick the right one? Well, luckily, we can help because we have reviewed the best selling wireless pet fences on the market and we have shared the pro and cons right here.


Why Buy A Wireless Pet Fence?

Six reasons to choose this product

Ease Of Installation

No wires, no mains connections, no specialist tools.


Most pets wont even notice they are wearing the collar.

We're Animal Lovers

We own dogs and only ever recommend products we trust

Completely Safe

Wont harm your pet. In fact, just the opposite - keep your pet safe.

Quality Suppliers

We source the best deals on the biggest names

Low Maintenance

Set and forget, nothing to maintain just change batteries

Latest Reviews

Find the best deals on Wireless Pet Fences


My Wireless Dog Fence is the best pet products I have ever bought.

— Raelynn Bennett

Blogger, Washington

Best Advice

Everything you ever wanted to know about wireless pet fences. How to install, maintain and chose the right fence for your pets.

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