MyPet In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats Review

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Our Top Pick

Normally, we only feature wireless pet fences on this site – after all, its in our name, but in this case we thought we would broaden our horizons and review a product from well know manufacturer MyPet. The My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System is probably one of the most affordable ways of keeping your dog safe in your own yard.   Unlike most wireless pet containment systems, this in-ground one does have a physical wire which will need to be dug into the ground.  However, having said that, it does come at a much lower price than the top selling Petsafe Wireless Containment System (read our full review of this here), so you need to work out which type of containment system is going to suit you and your pet the best.

How Does The My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System work?

Basically, you will need to dig a small trench around the are you want to define and then place a wire into the trench.

Like the wireless counterparts, you can configure the area that you want to keep your dog in, and mark it out to suit your own requirements. The transmitter is then attached to a dry flat surface and, after that its just a simple case of connecting the two ends together and you are up and running.

The MyPet system really is great value for money and comes with a very sturdy high quality IPX7 waterproof collar which automatically emits an audible tone as the dog approaches the electric dog fence boundary> It will then automatically send a safe static correction and vibration in an auto sequence to safety train and contain your dog.

Dogs Quickly learn to stay away or cross these boundaries.

Its always a good idea to run a quick test but, really, its pretty much a play-and-play product. Once connected, a signal is passed from the transmitter through the wire and, when your dog gets too close to the boundary a correction will be applied via a special collar. Essentially, its the same technology as the wireless models but using an in-ground wire.

Will I need to Train My Dog With This System?

Obviously, as with any other type of containment system, you will need to make sure your dog ‘understands the rules’ and give him or her adequate training so they learn where they can go and where they can’t go. A common question we get asked is – will this hurt my pet? Well, happily, the answer is no. While the collar does give a mild corrective jolt its really like a small vibration that reminds your pet not to step over the boundary. In most cases, your dog will learn quickly and will very rarely need to be corrected.

What Area Will This System Cover?

The instructions suggest up to 1/3 of an acre, although wider coverage is possible although you will need to buy extra wire for this. The kit comes with a 492FT (150m) drum of thick, shielded cable but its possible to expand this up to 10 Acres.

What Size Dog Is This Best Suited For?

The general opinion between our reviewers was that this system is not really suited for very small dogs or very large dogs. However, it is perfectly suited for more than one dog so it’s ideal if you need to contain multiple pets in the same area (you would need to purchase extra collars though). As with any other system, we don’t recommend using the MyPet system (or any wireless pet fence) on a puppy that is less than 6 months old.

What Are Others Saying About The My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System ?

This well specified and well priced system has received an average review of four point four stars out of five, so it is well liked by those that have purchased it. This system is a reliable and cost effective way to keep your dog within your yard.

Here is a summary of some of the comments made by reviewers of this in-ground fence system:

The system was easy to install with nice clear instructions and that it worked well.

Although it covers the suggested area well with the wire that is provided, you may want to purchase some extra wire. One owner reported that her dog received a little shock and since then he has backed off as soon as the warning beep is heard. This same owner also tried the collar round his own arm to test the level of shock and he said it was not painful.

One of the drawbacks to this system is that the battery does not give out a warning when it is getting low, so there is always a chance that it could run out without you being aware of this. Luckily, once your dog has been trained it is not likely that they are going to be testing the boundaries again.  It uses a 3v battery which you can find in any supermarket so it is very easy to replace.  

The standard price around the Internet is $200 but we have seen it cheaper than this.

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