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The Petsafe wireless containment system is an effective and simple to use alternative to physical fencing (which a dog can often jump over or tunnel under) or in-ground wire fencing. The system uses radio frequency to keep your pet from straying outside your premises which means there are no complicated installation steps or burying of wires (since, of course, it’s completely wireless) and the full set up should take no more than an hour – eve if you are a complete DIY novice.

So, sounds good right? Well, lets take a closer look at the system by answering some of the more common questions we get asked.

How Does The Petsafe Wireless Containment System Work?

Ok, lets stay away from the techie language. As far as you, the user, is concerned, you simple plug the transmitter into a power source and it gives out a constant radio signal which is adjustable withing a set range. You then define the safe area with boundary flags (included with the system) and – in the beginning  – your dog will learn that this is the area he must not go outside.  Put the receiver collar on your pet and activate it. and really, thats all there is to it. When your dog goes into the warning zone the collar will emit a warning sound and if they continue on past the marked zone the collar gives a safe, static correction until your pet retreats back to the designated area. Don’t worry, these collars don’t harm your pet – they simply give them a little reminder and, over a short period of time your pet will learn not to go outside of the designated area. Its safe, clean and completely harmless for your pet.

Will I Need To Train My Dog?

The wireless pet fence won’t work by itself – you need to train your dog to ‘turn and retreat’ when he hears the warning beep. If you don’t, your dog may not know what to do and end up getting corrected unnecessarily. It is recommended that you spend approximately 2 weeks on training (15 minutes 3 times a day is fine), but, as you might imagine many dogs learn to respond much quicker. In fact user reviews suggest that many dogs understand how the system works after the first correction.

Does The ‘Correction’ Hurt?

When reading reviews on this product we found that many owners had tested it on themselves first (no one wants to hurt their dog or cause it pain). They found that it didn’t hurt and they were perfectly happy to use it in the knowledge that this was a positive correction rather than a punishment.

What Area Does It Cover?

This system covers an area of up to a 1/2 acre (about 180 feet in diameter). This area is circular and is adjustable as necessary.

What Size Pet Will This Work Best For?

This containment system is recommended only for dogs over 8lbs. Petsafe have a different system for smaller dogs. A dog should not be trained using this system until they are at least 6 months old.

Can I Take It On Vacation With Me?

Yes, this system is completely portable and will give your dog the same freedom and safety to run and play as he gets at home.

What Others Are Saying

The Petsafe Wireless Containment System is rated highly on the Internet, with an average rating of 4 out of 5. It is often referred to as the most flexible, cost effective solution for keeping your dog secure within the boundaries of your garden or yard.

Here is a quick summary of some of the comments we found:

Some owners mentioned that they had tested the shock on themselves first to be sure they weren’t hurting their dogs – they were happy to report that the shock isn’t painful (more of an annoying, uncomfortable feeling).A few reviewers felt that the battery life is a bit short at 2 months. The batteries are approximately $6-$10, and with more than 1 dog the cost can add up.The lack of wires was a hit with many as the system is extremely quick and easy to set up, and there is no need to worry about underground wires when landscaping.

A good number of the reviewers indicated that their dogs only experienced one shock on the first day, and since then the beep was enough to keep them within the boundaries. The lowest correctional setting seems to be enough for most dogs.

The price was a big plus for many and we agree. A physical fence could cost up to $1000, but the Petsafe Wireless Containment system costs less than $250 – a significant saving for a product that will keep your dog safe within your own premises.

A few reviewers who like to travel with their dogs were very happy that this system is completely portable.

Any complaints?

Out of hundreds of reviews we really couldn’t find any major complaints worth reporting. The only one that tends to crop up quite often was that there is no warning when the battery dies. It’s unlikely your dog will leave the area as they will already be trained to the boundary, but it’s worth remembering to replace the battery on time just in case. Make sure you keep a supply of batteries on hand.

How Much Should You Pay For This Containment System?

The standard price around the Internet is $299.99 but we have seen it cheaper than this. Amazon will generally sell the fence for under $260, and if you see it for that low then that’s the time to buy it! The system is also available on other online pet supply stores and the official Petsafe website, but make sure you check out Amazon as they consistently have the best price.

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