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How Much Does A Wireless Pet Fence Cost?

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As regular readers of this website will be aware, we’re big fans of invisible wireless dog fences. And it seems we are not alone because a growing number of pet owners are starting to discover the benefits or wireless fences over traditional in-ground fences.

But why should this be the case? Well, lets take a look at some of the advantages they offer.

Generally speaking, one of the biggest advantages of a wireless pet fence is the ease of installation. Because there’s no wire to bury in the ground this means you dont have to waste hours digging a trench, hacking through tree and bush roots and, of course no need to worry about hitting water or electricity pipes. All you have to do is put the stakes in and run the wire around them. Plug it in and go! Simple.

Hidden Costs? Watch out for Weather

Although the fences carry no current – so you wont get a shock, in some locations they have been known to attract lightning due to their electrical conductivity (think a large radio antenna running round your garden!) That’s why I always recommend installing a lightning protector which will help prevent storms blowing out your entire home electricity supply. These are normally cheap though – $50 -or so – and, again easy to install. Other than that most fences are perfectly safe in the elements and you normally dont need any extra equipment.

They can be a trip hazard. If you have young kids, elderly parents or even if you are just a bit clumsy you need to keep your wits about you and make sure that you don’t end up flat on your face. Most of the time the stakes will simply come out of the ground and, personally, I’ve never heard of anyone being injured by a wireless dog fence, but its best not to take risks. That’s why I recommend that you buy a few fluorescent tags to the fence – one on each edge to remind you that its there. Better safe than sorry. Again, these are cheap – normally just a few dollars each but, I feel they are a worthwhile investment.

The Overall Cost

Wireless invisible containment systems can be expensive but, like almost every product available there are a range of models at different price points depending on your budget, the features you require and the brand you want to buy. Prices start from around $100 for a basic model but can rise to over $500 for more advanced models. As always, the best is advice is to shop around – you could also read our wireless pet fence reviews to help come to the right decision!

One last point to consider is what do you get for the extra money? Here are some general thoughts.

Extra Features

More expensive models tend to have better quality components, cover a larger area and are suitable for larger pets. Top models even come with extra features or, in many cases, extra collars for all your pets – of course if you have multiple pets this actually saves you money!

Superior Build Quality

More expensive models are usually built using more durable components so tend to last longer. This is always worth considering if you live in a harsh climate – that will be you Alaskan folk then – where your fence needs to be out in all kinds of weather. Remember the old adage, buy cheap and pay dear! Again it pays to do your research and remember that the most expensive system may not always be the most costly over time.


Like most consumer products , wireless pet fences come in a bewildering range of specifications and prices so you really need to shop around. Personally, I would avoid the really cheap – sub $40 systems – unless you have a really small yard and small dog and instead, go for the mid-range models – around $100-$150 is a sensible price point. Of course, if budget isn’t a problem, the more expensive models will usually pay for them selves in terms of added durability, and extra features/ease of use. Once again, I would urge you to check out our reviews before deciding on which model to buy.

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