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If you own a dog then it is only natural that you are going to want to do what is best for them, and this will include doing your utmost to ensure that he or she is kept safe.

So, what do you do when your dog is out in your yard?  Do you watch him all the time, or is it easier to just keep him indoors and only let him out to go to the bathroom? Lets face it, leaving your pet unattended could, potentially, be dangerous, or even fatal. He could easily run out onto the street and get hit by a passing car, or he could take it upon himself to go for a wander around and inadvertently eat something that is poisonous to him.

In fact there a loads of scenarios that could result in large bills from your vet or, worse still, the demise of your best friend!

How To Avoid Accidents

So what can you do to avoid this?  Well, you could take a look at installing a wireless fence system. These systems are specifically designed to contain your pet within an area specified by you.  They give your dog the freedom to run around and play in your yard, and they give you the peace of mind you need knowing that he is safe and cannot come to any harm by escaping.

If your dog is used to being tied up on his leash whilst in the yard, you should find an improvement in the way he behaves – many vets have noted that dogs thrive when they have freedom to run around and play without the restriction of being on their leash all the time.

Using a wireless dog containment fence will keep you and your dog happy. 

Stop Digger The Dog!

If your dog is a digger and has a habit of burrowing under hedges or fences to escape your yard then you know how difficult it can be to keep him inside your property. You may even have had the horrible experience of having to face a very upset neighbor because your dog had dug up their prize new flowers! Well, luckily, a wireless pet fence gets around this problem because he simply cannot dig his way under the signal. So, if digger the dog tries to make an escape just position the fence inside the boundaries of your yard and he will soon learn that the way to get out for walkies is to look deep into your eyes and not by digging his way under the fence!

Do Wireless Pet Fences Cause Pain?

Sometimes people worry that these types of dog containment fences cause real pain to the dog but thats just nonsense. In fact, most are endorsed by both veterinarians and The National Humane Society.  These fences use modern wi-fi technology and your dogs natural instincts to teach him or her not to pass through the boundary that it creates.  Of course, your dog will need training on how it all works – you can’t just install it and then walk away expecting your dog to know how to react to it. But, once the training is over – and that doesn’t cause any pain – then a wireless dog fence is a very safe and effective way to keep them under control.

Better Than Traditional Methods?

Installing in a wireless dog fence is actually not that much different in price to a more conventional wooden fences, or chain link fences but there are other, significant benefits.  For example, you will still have the same view from your yard as if there was not a fence there at all so, if you are lucky enough to overlook some nice fields, a river or the like you need not worry that you will be disturbing your view.

Dog on the garden at the sunset
Garden fences are so 1980s

The are also cheap and easy to maintain. No more painting or varnishing, no more mending broken fence panels and no more worrying about things when the wind start to blow!


Hopefully you can now see some of the reasons why installing a wireless containment system is a good idea. Of course, you may want to take some time and read through the reviews of the various models that are available. But, take it from me you and your pet will love the freedom and safety that you get and, whats more, by choosing the right one, you will enjoy these benefits for may years to come.

One of the top rated and best selling model is the Petsafe wireless fence, and you can read our review of this here.

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