Why Should You Install a Wireless Dog fence?

Dog behind the fence

Every year, urban sprawl continues to increase at an exponential rate, making it increasingly challenging for most people to live in the peaceful country settings that we all prefer. As owners of lovable pooches, we face an array of challenges, which can lead to substantial irritation and even pain as it becomes increasingly difficult to […]

Wireless Pet Fence vs Underground Fence

Over the course of my many years in the dog fence business, I’ve seen a lot of different products. Dog Guard, Pet Stop, Pet Safe, Dog Watch, Innotek, and many more brands, too numerous to remember, are available. So, as a pet owner, you may well be confused, and no wonder! That’s why I thought […]

The Ultimate Guide to Wireless Pets Fences for Small Dogs

Adorable small dog jack russel terrier looking at camera

Are you looking for a way to keep your small dog safe while letting them roam free? Wireless pet fences are the solution! These systems allow dogs of all shapes and sizes to roam freely around their yard while still being protected. This post will cover what wireless pet fences are, how they work, and […]